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Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans

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Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. offers dependable Backup Camera installation services in Ashburn. 

For years, our satisfied customers have referred us to their friends and family, and we take pride in ensuring 100% satisfaction while saving our clients valuable time and money with our mobile service.

Commercial back up camera services

The following are some of the most common backup camera options that we offer in Ashburn.

Another popular option is to replace your present rearview mirror with one that includes an LCD monitor. The camera image comes to life whenever the vehicle is in reverse, displaying it in a convenient, ergonomic location.

There is a good probability that our team can combine the camera image to display right there on the colour dash screen of your vehicle. This will provide you an alternative that looks like it came from the factory.

Upgrading your dash radio may be a good idea if you drive an older car or a lesser trim level on a newer one. You can now add GPS navigation, CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth, HD radio, SiriusXM, USB ports, and better sound quality to your colour touchscreen.

Popular Commercial backup camera configurations

The most common installations performed by our installers are listed below.

Rearview mirror backup cameras are convenient and cost-effective at keeping you safe and helping you park.

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans

Wireless trailer backup cameras provide a clear view with up to 4 viewing angles ideal for trucks and trailers of all sizes. 

Rearview mirror dashcam & backup cameras give you the best of both worlds with recording and GPS features. 

95% of Commercial backup camera installs are done within

24 hours

Calling a local backup cam installation expert does not have to be costly or time-consuming. Because we are highly trained specialists that optimize our time, we can offer the most competitive rates.


We will not consider the job completed until our customers are completely satisfied.

Our installers are not only pleasant, but they are also highly qualified and certified. We can schedule mobile installation seven days a week because we have technicians in across the greater Vancouver area.

We are committed to providing the best backup cam solutions for your driving needs at Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd.

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If company dose work in Ashburn, you can save 15% on any camera solution when you refer a friend or corporate member to us.



Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans

Cedric Cheung

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans
Can a reversing camera be used as a rear view mirror

The basic answer is that you will not be able to use your current camera and screen because they are all linked to the vehicle’s electronics.

Are back up cameras law in Canada?

They are required by regulation on passenger cars, SUVs, light pickup trucks, and minivans in Canada (CMVSS 111 Rear Visibility Systems)

Does adding backup camera lower insurance?

Backup cameras do not affect your auto insurance, but can help you reduce collision interactions.

What is the difference between backup camera and reverse camera?

Backup camera – a camera that activates when you shift into reverse.

Rear-view camera – a camera that you can activate at any time to observe what’s behind your car.

depending on your needs and requirements there are blended options that have both functions.   

Tab What are the benefits of installing a backup camera in a commercial cargo van?

A backup camera can significantly increase safety by providing a clear view of the area behind the vehicle, reducing the risk of accidents. It can help the driver spot any unseen obstacles, pedestrians, or vehicles in their path. Additionally, a backup camera can aid in easier and safer parking and reversing maneuvers, especially in tight or crowded spaces.

How long does it take to install a backup camera in a commercial cargo van?

The installation time for a backup camera can vary depending on the specific model and vehicle type, but typically it can take between 2 to 8 hours. This includes mounting the camera, running all necessary wiring, and setting up the monitor inside the vehicle. Our professional team at Vancouver Dash Cam works efficiently to get your vehicle set up as quickly as possible.

Can the backup camera operate in low light conditions?

Yes, many modern backup cameras, like the Cargo Van Truck Backup Camera from Vancouver Dash Cam, come equipped with night vision capabilities. They use infrared LEDs to illuminate the area behind the vehicle, making it much easier to see in low-light conditions or even in complete darkness.

Will the backup camera system interfere with other electronic systems in the vehicle?

No, the backup camera system is designed to work independently and should not interfere with other electronic systems in your vehicle. Our expert installers ensure that the camera system is correctly installed and properly integrated with your vehicle’s electrical system.

Why should I use Vancouver Dash Cam to do my installation?

If you use any one of our dozen professional backup cam installers, we can ensure that your camera is installed correctly, functions properly, and provides the best possible footage in the event of an accident or other incident.

Time is money. Installing a dash cam can be time-consuming and require specialized tools. Using certified mobile installers come to a place of your choice and install in 45mins  , you can save yourself the hassle and inconvenience of trying to do it yourself.

We can provide a myriad of customization options that may be difficult to do own your own. For example, we may be able to hardwire the camera for a cleaner and more professional look, or install additional features like a rearview cameras, side angle cameras,  radar detectors, and GPS trackers.

Is the backup camera durable and able to withstand harsh weather conditions?

Absolutely, the backup cameras are designed to be robust and durable. They are built to withstand various weather conditions such as rain, snow, and even intense heat. The camera casing is usually weatherproof to ensure the camera’s longevity and consistent performance.

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Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Commercial Cargo Vans

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