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Viofo A229 PRO 4K

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Introducing the VIOFO A229 PRO 4K, the pinnacle of dashcam technology offering true 4K ultra-high-definition recording. This advanced camera system is equipped with a state-of-the-art Sony STARVIS sensor, ensuring that every frame is captured with pristine clarity, regardless of lighting conditions. Whether you are traveling under the bright noon sun or navigating through a dark tunnel, the A229 PRO 4K guarantees that no detail goes unnoticed. Its robust design and cutting-edge features make it an essential tool for any driver seeking the highest level of visual documentation on the road.



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Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

2 Channels Recording

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

Dual Sony STARVIS 2

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

HDR Dual-Channel

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

Super Night Vision 2.0

4K UHD + 2K QHD Recording

Equipped with cutting-edge dual cameras that deploy Sony’s latest STARVIS 2 technology, A229 Pro sets a new benchmark in the industry with its unmatched 4K front and 2K rear recording capabilities. It delivers excellent video quality, capturing every detail all day and night.

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

Dual Sony STARVIS 2 Sensors

A229 Pro is the industry’s first dashcam using two flagship Sony STARVIS 2 image sensors, respectively for front and rear cameras. The two sensors, namely the IMX678 and IMX675, offer wider dynamic range and higher light sensitivity than the STARVIS tech, bringing much less noise and motion blur during day & night recording.


Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

4K Front with Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678


The front camera records in remarkable 4K with Sony STARVIS 2 1/1.8” 8MP image sensor that packs in more pixels for greater clarity and detail, even in low light. The sensor provides a wider dynamic range in a single exposure than the STARVIS and supports 4K HDR tech, bringing low noise, eliminating motion blur, and revealing more details.

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

2K Rear with Sony STARVIS 2 IMX675

The rear camera records in upgraded 2K resolution with Sony STARVIS 2 1/2.8” 5MP image sensor, which takes rear recording to the next level. The sensor features an impressive 2.5 times wider dynamic range than the STARVIS pixel of the same size, capturing exceptionally clear and sharp videos during daytime and nighttime recording.

HDR for Front & Rear Cameras



A229 Pro is outstanding in a wide range of lighting conditions, by virtue of the integration of Sony STARVIS 2 IMX678 and IMX675 sensors. Every captured footage is enhanced with a wider dynamic range to reveal more details in highlights and shadows. These flagship sensors, coupled with advanced HDR technology, balance extremely bright and dark areas to accurately restore 4K & 2K details recorded at night, even captures accurate license detailsin fast move from both front and rear recording.

Smart Voice Control & Notification



A229 Pro comes with an advanced voice control feature, which allows you to start/stop recording, take photos, and turn on/off WiFi with simple spoken commands in multiple languages (English/Chinese/Russian/Japanese).

It can also clearly notifies you of settings changes or memory card errors, keeping you fully focused on the road.

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

24/7 Parking Montioring

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

Loop Recording & Auto Emergency Lock


A229 Pro supports seamless loop recording and overwrites the oldest videos with the last ones. With the built-in G-sensor, the dashcam will automatically lock the footage in case of collision or crash, recreating the accident scene for your peace of mind.

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

2.4” HD Screen

That’s an ultra HD 2.4” screen, designed for crystal clear photo and video preview while driving on the road.
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

Friendly User Interface

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

Product Size

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K

Infrared Cabin Camera (Optional)


Equipped with a built-in IR light sensor, the interior camera automatically activates its 4 infrared LED lights in low-light conditions, ensuring sharp black and white image capture even in total darkness.

The infrared cabin camera can be purchased separately, allowing those with A229 Pro
2 Channels dashcams to opt for a cabin camera, or you can also directly buy the A229 Pro 3 Channels bundle.

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. Viofo A229 PRO 4K


1 Channel, 2 Channel, 3 Channel


Professional Installation, Self Installation

Memory card

128GB, Special Offer – FREE 32GB

Hardwire Kit

Type-C HK3-C Hardwire Kit Cable, Car Charger Adapter

12 reviews for Viofo A229 PRO 4K

  1. Emily Richardson

    “Just got my VIOFO A229 Pro installed by Nick, and I’m blown away by the 4K quality! Thanks to Josh for the seamless booking. This dash cam is a must-have!”

  2. Jacob Smith

    “Top-notch dash cam and service! Paul did a fantastic job with the installation. A big shoutout to Suzy for helping me book the appointment. Loving my new dash cam!”

  3. Mia Thompson

    “Incredible dash cam! The VIOFO A229 Pro 4K has exceeded my expectations. Thanks, Nick, for the professional installation, and Suzy for the smooth booking process. Highly recommended!”

  4. Alexander Walker

    “The clarity of this dash cam is phenomenal. Paul was great at installing it, and Josh made booking a breeze. Thanks to everyone at Vancouver Dash Cam Team!”

  5. Amelia White

    “Super impressed with my new VIOFO dash cam! Nick did a superb job installing it. Thanks to Josh for organizing my appointment. Five stars all the way!”

  6. Lucas Young

    “Exceptional product and service! Thanks to Paul for the quick install and to Suzy for making the booking easy. The video quality is just amazing!”

  7. Evelyn Martin

    “The VIOFO A229 Pro 4K dash cam is a game changer. Installation by Nick was smooth and efficient, and booking with Suzy was a pleasure. Great experience overall!”

  8. Matthew Clark

    “Absolutely loving my new dash cam! Paul did a flawless job with the installation. Kudos to Josh for handling the booking. This team is top-notch!”

  9. Grace Lewis

    “This dash cam delivers stunning video quality. Thanks to Nick for the perfect setup and to Suzy for the helpful service in booking. Highly recommend the Vancouver Dash Cam Team!”

  10. Logan Jones

    “Fantastic service from the Vancouver Dash Cam Team! Paul installed my VIOFO A229 beautifully. Big thanks to Josh for coordinating everything. This dash cam is brilliant!”

  11. Hannah Scott

    “I’m so happy with my VIOFO dash cam! The 4K video is crystal clear. Nick was wonderful during installation, and Suzy made booking a breeze. Thanks to everyone involved!”

  12. liver Allen

    “The VIOFO A229 Pro 4K is simply outstanding. Installation by Paul was quick and professional. Thanks to Josh for arranging the appointment. This dash cam is definitely worth it!”

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Viofo A229 PRO 4K
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