Thinkware is a leading provider of smart car information technologies and location-based services. Since 1997, they’ve been dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for drivers. With a strong presence in Korea, Thinkware is the go-to provider for automotive devices such as GPS navigation systems and dashboard cameras. They’ve also gained recognition in the education market with their Android educational tablets. Thinkware’s commitment to innovation and excellence makes them a leader in the automotive industry.

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. thinkware
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. thinkware


Equipped with the latest Sony Starvis IMX335 Image Sensors lets you record in crystal clear 4K 2160p UHD front and 2K 1440p QHD rear cam footage day or night at 30FPS. The 156° wide angle lens view will minimize blind spots to assure recording of all events without fail.

Dynamic 2K
You can now choose between recording in 4K at 30FPS or in 2K at 60FPS. The higher frame rate delivers both smoother and sharper images making capturing still images and revealing crucial information even easier.
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. thinkware

Speed Warning System

Get alerts before you drive by a red light or speed camera trap.

Built-in GPS

Get audio warnings from your cash cam when approaching a wide variety of road safety cameras

Remote View

Monitor your vehicle with your smartphone or watch what is happening in real-time.

Geo Fencing

Stay up to date with your vehicle’s location. if your car leaves a preset area it can send you will get a notification.

Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. thinkware
Vancouver Dash Cam Ltd. thinkware

Video Quality

Equipped with the latest Starvis IMX335 Image Sensors in either crystal clear 4K 2160p UHD or 2K 1440p QHD.

Parking Surveillance

Activates when you turn off the ignition, and captures footage when motion or impact is detected.

Super Night Vision

Uses Image Signal Processing technology and real-time image processing for night time recording.

High Temp Protection System

Built-in thermal sensor of the dash cam protects the device and its data against intense heat.